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I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful…

February 22, 2009

I would like to write something interesting, but the truth is I am not thinking anything interesting, therefore, I have nothing to write that is interesting either.  It seems my brain has turned into a pile of Silly Putty.  Just kind of vaguely stretchy and oozy.

I am disappointed that I’m still not feeling so well.  I did fine driving to Baton Rouge and back yesterday, though it definitely helped that Hope drove a good portion of the way back.  Today I woke up and it was as if the plug on the energy tank was pulled the moment my feet hit the floor.  I feel like a big wimp.  I’ve been this way for over a week now.  I had no idea this bug was going to knock me on my can like this.  Isn’t it weird that little microscopic entities can totally flatten a big human body?  And we think we’re so hot just because we can step on a cockaroach and squish out its innards.  Being big isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Though I’d still rather be the human than the disgusting little cockaroach.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  I am determined to get out of bed and go to church, even if I just stumble into the theatre and melt into a seat.  The nice thing about meeting in a nice movie theatre is I know the seat will be plenty comfortable for slouching if that’s all I’ve got the energy to do.  But I’m hoping I’ve got the energy to at least sit up straight and look awake.  Or alive, at the minimum.  Dead people in church are such a drag. ;)

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