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Broken filter

April 28, 2009

Why is it some days I can block out all the extra noise and commotion that surrounds me, and other days it blasts straight through all my internal filters and clangs around in my brain like a gleeful three year old with a pair of cymbals?

The 12 year old is playing music on the computer.  LOUDLY.  The 18 year old is dragging around here, moaning as if she could fall over dead at any moment.  The 20 year old just brought a friend in and they have the DVD player going.  The dog’s toenails clack from one end of the house to the others as she “talks” to anyone who will listen.  Boy Cat keeps tapping me on the arm, wanting to be petted but not wanting to be touched.  Girl Cat is squeaking and antagonizing the dog.

If the phone rings I will pee and drop over in a seizure.  In that order.

I’m supposed to be working on consolidating a script.  I’m supposed to be accomplishing wonderful things for the sake of artistic integrity and the kingdom of God.  Instead I’m sitting here trying to convince myself that I will not start foaming at the mouth any moment.

The 12 year old keeps shutting down one song on her playlist, giving me a moment’s reprieve from the noise and raising my hopes that perhaps quiet will ensue.  It’s all a tease, though.  There’s always another angsty prepubescent song in the queue.  Of course.

And the dog keeps making that horrible hacking and gagging noise.  Why must she do that?  It’s so gross!

It is obvious that I am experiencing an acute case of over-stimulation.  I know it will probably be all better tomorrow, but right now I just want to scream loud enough and long enough that I can’t hear anyone else’s noise for just a while.

Yeah, I know…like that makes any sense.

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  1. April 28, 2009 8:44 am

    Ahhhh….it sounds like my house! Right now Joey (the terrier mix) is prancing back and forth across the floor…toenails (which are way too long and need to be clipped) clacking on the tiles. All because he wants to go outside and bark very loudly with the other dogs at whatever is moving in the woods…probably a squirrel. Sometimes silence is just nice!

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