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The expanding container garden

May 15, 2009

I couldn’t resist.  I added a few more plants to my veggie container garden.  I am trying out a Lemon Boy yellow tomato, a red bell pepper, and a burpless bush cucumber.  I planted the Lemon Boy in a big cat litter bucket that I rinsed out.  I also dremeled holes in the bottom of it.  Yeah, I feel so legit, workin’ the power tools…

I’ve never had a bush cucumber, so I have no idea how sturdy the thing will be.  It seemed that a regular cuke plant wouldn’t work very well in a container, what with its low-growing vining habit, so when I saw this I figured it was worth a try.

I bought a few flowers while I was at it.  I succumbed to the siren song of a pale blue lobelia.  Why, oh why, must I do this on a regular basis?  Lobelia just can’t handle the southern heat!  It is fine in the spring and sometimes it comes back in the fall, but it withers away during the real season.  It would be a winter flower here, at best.  I remember my glorious containers when I lived in South Dakota, where I had dark blue lobelia and light blue lobelia and white lobelia and mounding lobelia and trailing lobelia…and it all looked lush and full and fabulous, like little clouds of blooms.  The Florida Panhandle is NOTHING like South Dakota!  And yet, when faced with a little plastic pack of lobelia bedding plants, I cave every time.  I am such a dork.

But I did put it in a container that is mostly in the shade.  So maybe this time…

Yup.  Dork.

I have a Sadness to report.  My raging case of Magnolia Hate will not be soothed anytime soon.  I had someone come look at the big nasty Lurch of a tree in my back hard.  “What do you want to do with it?” the guy asked.  “Make it disappear”, I replied.  His estimate, with stump grinding and removal of all the evil magnolia bits, was $1080 with a military discount.  Ugh.  I was afraid of that.  It’s a really large tree.  I really hate it.  But it’s staying put.  We have too many other things to do with that kind of money. 

I think hating magnolia trees is proof that though I may live in the South, I am a Midwesterner at heart.  Magnolias offend my good practical sense.  Messy and obnoxious.  And I have NO desire to rake those big leathery leaves or those big nasty pods in this humidity.  And the thing sheds all year long! Gak!  It is not worth it for a couple weeks of big white flowers.  Not at all.

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  1. May 19, 2009 5:03 pm

    Good for you…adding more to your garden is ALWAYS a plus!! I love Lobelia’s — beautiful!!

    I’m sooo soooo sorry that you Hate magnolia trees…because they produce the most beautiful, good-smelling flowers!! Have you ever smelled the flower?? soooo nice! and soooo pretty!! Sure, they are dirty, you have to rake the leaves…but they are sooo pretty!! Don’t hate!!

    LOL…maybe you ought to try magnolia AND cilantro…sorry, I couldn’t resist!! LOL

    Love you Lisa!!

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