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A brief excursion

June 19, 2009

Hey, my dear blog readers, I am about to be away from my computer for a week or so.  I am actually going to a place where they are still suspicious of Al Gore’s internet and are still using the TRS-80 for their everyday computing needs– if they have any.

Ok, so I exaggerate.  They use the TRS-80 out in the front yard as a flower planter, stuffed with petunias right between the old whiskey barrel of marigolds and a nearly antique commode of pansies.

Ok, so I’m still exaggerating.  But the bottom line is that I won’t have computer access, and therefore will not be able to update my blog.

But I will be thinking about updating my blog, as well as collecting stories so that when I return I can actually do so.

Remember those lovely veggies I have growing on my back deck?  Remember my planters of flowers?  Please pray that I come home and find them all still living and growing and flowering/producing edible delights.  I’m a bit nervous about that!

See ya laters, alligators!

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