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Spoiled like a pomeranian puppy

June 19, 2009

Yesterday I got a few hours of pampering, thanks to Mother’s Day gift of a pedicure at a spa for me and a friend.  I am not experienced in the ways of spas, I admit, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But it was glorious.  Quiet, nice background music, access to a steam room, sauna, and a whirlpool, lovely smells, cool bottles of water, plush robes and fluffy towels.  And then the pedicure, which included a massage chair and a hot paraffin wax for the feet.  My toes are  nicely lacquered with “I’m Not Really A Waitress”, one of my fave OPI reds that I’ve been out of for a long time and haven’t yet managed to replace.  Best of all, I got to do this with a friend.  My husband was wise enough when purchasing my certificate to realize that an experience like this is much more fun with a friend!

I didn’t grow up with that sort of pampering, so I sometimes have to convince myself that it’s ok to let myself be spoiled and served like that.  We never did hot paraffin dips…we squished our feet down into cool mud!  It was particularly fun if you could get it to make big sucking noises when you lifted up your heels.  And a whirlpool was gross, because it meant whoever was sharing the tub or pool with you just farted.

But I do love pedicures.  I spend most of my time barefoot, so the poor nail tech has to scrub and rub away a lot of rough skin and callouses.  And I can never make my toenails look as nice as pedicurist can.  The clipping, the filing, the painting…I do it, but I just can’t do it like a patient person who is 12 inches in FRONT of my feet can.

I am blessed to have the things I need and am grateful that I don’t live in a constant state of want or lack.  But if had a small chunk of Me Money to spend totally frivolously each month, I’d get regular chiropractic adjustments, massages, and pedicures.  The chiro and massages are for health; I usually feel like I’ve been beaten with a ball bat after a massage and don’t understand getting one for pleasure!  But it does help me feel better over the next few days, so I suspect getting regular ones would be beneficial, just as I always feel a bit better when I go get a chiropractic adjustment.  The pedicure, however, isn’t about health.  It’s purely for pleasure.  It’s nice to have feet that don’t look like something you’d expect to find on Shrek, especially in the summer.  And it’s nice to not startle yourself in bed when you move your legs and end up scratching yourself with the bottom of a gnarly sandpapery foot.  Bet you’re glad for THAT visual.

So thanks, husband and children!  I had a great time!

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  1. sandy permalink
    June 19, 2009 11:05 am

    I am such a visual person……the whirlpool description undid me. LOL

  2. June 19, 2009 3:48 pm

    “And it’s nice to not startle yourself in bed when you move your legs and end up scratching yourself with the bottom of a gnarly sandpapery foot.” – LOL

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