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I can’t explain, but I can testify

July 15, 2009

God still does wild things.  And He still does them just because He loves His kids, and not because He’s trying to prove to the world that He’s who He says He is.  Sure, He does that sometimes too, but often “signs and wonders” are little love pats for He kids.

I have a couple of recent examples.  Because I know you’re wanting me to explain, as well as wondering why in the world I’m even thinking about this.

The first example involves Mr. Sparky.  Mr Sparky inherited tiny little feet from his mother.  The 12 year old is the only person in this family who has smaller feet than Mr. Sparky, and she’s gaining on him fast.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find men’s shoes in a size 5 1/2?  Most of the time men’s shoes begin at size 7.  Boy’s shoes are usually poorly made and are stylistically inappropriate for a 40-something year old man.  Women’s shoes are usually too narrow and stylistically too feminine.  Mr Sparky is generally left to wear out his shoes because there’s simply no easy replacements for whatever he needs.

Mr Sparky has been shopping for a pair of dress casual shoes for over a year.  Something nice to wear to work, preferably brown.  Not stodgy old men’s shoes.  Not thick-soled skater boy shoes.  Just a nice simple pair of shoes.  We’ve been everywhere.  He’s shopped online, scoured Zappo’s, and…nothing.  But recently he saw a pair he liked on Zappos that he thought he might be able to wear, and he was thinking that he should just break down and order them and hope for the best.

This is where the story gets good.

He was at the BX and he thought that it might be wise to size his foot again so he’d know for sure the best size for ordering.  He put his foot in that foot-measurer thingy.  It measured him just shy of a 7.  That’s right–a 7!  He thought it must surely be wrong.   It’s not like 40-something feet suddenly decide to grow a size and a half!  So he looked around and found a pair of shoes he really liked a lot, ones quite similar to what he was intending to order, and he asked for them in a 7.  They fit.  Just a teeny bit big, but they fit.  Not only that, but they were $10 less than the ones he was about to order on Zappo’s!  He bought them.

He brought them home to me and told me the story.  I told him it was cool God made his feet grow!  He said that he could still wear his old smaller shoes, though, because he’d already tried them on to check.  He still needed shoes for refereeing soccer games, so he went to Zappo’s and ordered them…in a 6.  They arrived and I asked him what he was going to do if they were too small.  He said he’d wondered about that, but I could tell he didn’t wonder all that hard.  He went upstairs and not much later came back down.  The shoes were too small.  I grinned at him and told him it was pretty cool that God gave him a miracle that he was going to have to stand on and walk on!

Here is the other example.  I will try to find a shorter way to tell it.

I spent this past weekend in Orlando with my sister Liz.  We decided to go to WonderWorks one evening.  I parked the car and Liz decided to leave her sunglasses in the car, but I kept mine because they’d easily fit in my little wallet-purse.  We walked to the building and as we went in I took off my sunglasses and wiped the inside of the bridge of them with the underside of my shirt hem because it had makeup-y sweat on it, and then I tucked them into my wallety-purse (I know, I’m making up words left and right here). 

When we went to leave WonderWorks, the sunglasses were gone.  I was super upset because these were my cool sunglasses given to me by my cool monkeybutt friend Sheri.  The girl at the desk of WonderWorks called all of the various areas to see if they’d been found.  They’d found plenty of sunglasses, but none of them were mine.  I wrote the description in their lost and found book, and Liz and I started walking back to the car.  I was so bummed.  I asked God to get them back for me, maybe even have them waiting in the van for me, though of course I didn’t really expect that even though I knew He could do anything.  But when I opened the door to my van, there they were, sitting on my console.  He gave me back my sunglasses!  And I am very sure I took them in because I remember taking them off, wiping them off, and putting them in my wallety-purse!

God did this stuff.  No, it didn’t stop world hunger or end abortion or clean up the environment or anything like that.  But it did make one of His kids happy to brag about Him to all of cyberspace.

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  1. Judyhoo permalink
    July 16, 2009 11:13 pm

    That’s awesome! I love hearing about the cool stuff God does!

  2. Kellie permalink
    July 17, 2009 8:35 am

    And THOSE are exactly the types of things He likes to do. I find it amazing the people who will poo-poo this because it’s not some big, elaborate, public miracle, and yet these same people will talk about God’s personal love for each of us! Duh… A good father knows the hearts of his children and he loves them that way. And our Father? He is a VERY GOOD FATHER… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mr. Sparky permalink
    July 17, 2009 4:42 pm

    But wait! There’s more! We just bought a car to replace the now-dead Amigo, may it rest in peace. My previous work car becomes the General Use car and the “new” car becomes my work car. Two days after driving my “new” 2005 Civic off the lot with an “As-Is” warranty, the check engine light comes on. I called the fellow who sold it to us. The truth is Gary Smith Honda is not obligated to make this light go out under an as-is warranty. But they agreed to do the work. I assumed our salesperson would notify the service people-apparently not. After the service was done I spoke to our service rep. He told me it would be $326 to replace the EGR valve. I explained the situation. After a momentary hold, our service rep told me the dealership would cover it. Thanks God and Gary Smith!


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