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Grace under pressure

July 23, 2009

Hannah, aka kid#3, aka the 18 year old, posted this on her facebook today.  I know she had a rough evening last night, but I’m really proud of her.

Work on the night of 7.22.09

Today at 1:37pm

So I’m getting ready to close up at work, its about 20 minutes or so till i have to close. This little boy comes up to me and says “There’s a man in the bathroom. Hes on the floor and isn’t answering”. I was just like huh? I grabbed a phone and followed the boy in there to find Mr. Maxie Bowls, a very nice and caring older gentleman unconscious on the floor.

Now Maxie is a home owner at Destiny East. A very athletic and energetic man in his 70’s. He doesn’t look it. Most would say hes in this early 60’s from his looks. He has history of heart conditions tho.

After i saw him i called 911 immediately. The operator asked what kind of emergency and i told him medical. I described the situation. I also described how Maxie’s entire head seemed pale and just looked clammy. He told me to reposition the neck and check for breathing and such. I did with very shaky hands. The operator described how i needed to do compressions until an officer or EMT as there to take over. I did compressions counting aloud with the operator, my voice shaky but i was still together at this point. An officer was there within a few short minutes. I’m not sure exactly how long because i know i had some major adrenaline pumping through me.

The officer took over compressions and i gave mouth to mouth, two breaths ever ten compressions. I did this for maybe 2 or three minutes and the EMTs came rushing in. I backed away and they told me i did a great job. That’s when i started to really freak out. You would think I’d start freaking out when i had to give a dead man mouth to mouth but i held it together. I took one of the officers to some of the other homeowners by the pool to help them with his full name and address and such. Everyone kept telling me i did the great and that i was brave.

Then they told me to call Lisa Buchman, my boss. I was crying when i did this and within 5 seconds of hearing that she said shed be right there and within 5 minutes, she was. Needless to say i was rather shaken up and still am a bit. It was quite and interesting day at work.

Unfortunately, no one was able to revive him so Maxie Bowls passed away. He will be very missed at the clubhouse.

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  1. leahcherry permalink
    July 23, 2009 11:57 pm

    That was harrowing! Amazing what adrenaline does for us.

    Shannon had an equally tragic and weird experiance last night, I might blog about it if he says it’s ok.

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