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I met Little Brown Dog!

December 2, 2009

Yup, I sure did!  I met LBD! 

He has been moved to the local clinic, along with a pack of other small dogs.  I went in to pick up some worm medication for Gary the Cat (I’m not sure, but I think he might need it) and there in little corrals in the adoption/boarding building was LBD.  He was barking his little fool head off (I hope that’s not a habit) at the sight of me coming through the door, as was every other dog in the place.  His tail was wagging like crazy and the moment I came near the corral he jumped up on the side to be petted (I hope jumping isn’t a habit, either).  That leg in a cast business doesn’t seem to slow him down much.  He’s definitely a young dog and could potentially be less than a year, but I’m not sure.  And it appears he does indeed need neutered.  I was hoping the previous owners had done that.  I’m also hoping the previous owners are not responsible for his hurt leg.

Nobody has any info on him yet.  Well, SOMEONE does, but it’s never the person I end up talking to.  If I call back on Friday someone might know something.  As of now, the doc hasn’t seen him yet and the tech who was in the shop hadn’t seen his paperwork so she knew nothing about him.

I am curious what sort of dog he is when there’s not a bunch of other dogs around.  I wonder how he is with people?  And does he have a bunch of annoying habits that would drive us nuts, like being yappy or jumping on people or chewing non-dog items or humping legs?  There’s still a lot to be discovered about LBD.  So…more waiting.

But I at least got to pet him!

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