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An official announcement

December 6, 2009

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

On Friday, Gary the Cat became an official member of the Sparky household.  We did the paperwork, paid the fee, and brought him home.  He pitched a fit inside the cat carrier like I’ve never seen/heard in all my years of transporting pathetic whiny cats.  The cat was in hysterics, yowling and clawing and rolling and thrashing.  It was NOT pretty.  But he was fine once we got him back in the house.

To celebrate his adoption we have given him a new name befitting his new position as a Sparky cat.  He is now Dr. Love.  Dr. Gary Love, for those who can’t seem to stop calling him Gary, though we expect that to cease eventually.  He will probably end up being Doc for short.  But as Dr. Love, he will have his own built-in theme music, thanks to KISS.  And we already know his internal voice sounds like Barry White.  It only seems fitting, the way he loves to hug and purr and look through those heavy-lidded blue eyes. C’mere, baby.  Give me a little rub behind my ears.  You know how I like it…


Not everything is sweet lovem’s with Dr. Love.  Oh no, not at all.  For Dr. Love is just shy of eleven months old.  He is a teenage boy cat.  And he has energy to burn.  Lots of it, because he has literally lived his entire life in cages and kennels.  It’s no wonder he loves to crawl under beds and sofas; I’m sure it feels safe and homey to him under there.  And he’ll come right out if you peek under there and look like you might be remotely interested in petting him.  Every day he spends less time hiding out.  Every day he spends more time running, climbing, snooping, sneaking, cavorting, and stalking Agent Mooshie.  His switch has two positions:  Super Duper Turbo-Charged Ultra Max and Off.  There’s nothing in between.

I’ll eventually post some photos, but I don’t have any right now.  That would require Dr. Love to stand still.  And the most still I’ve seen him today was when he was stalking, attacking, and biting his hind leg.  And no…I am not kidding.

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