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Water from the sky

December 17, 2009

It’s raining.  Piles of rainy clouds are moving in off the Gulf and dumping their cargo here.  Well, drizzling it, mostly.  Drizzling a lot of it.

Most people who live here really don’t like the rain.  They don’t like cloudy days, either.  I can understand it; people move here to enjoy the blazing blue sky, the sugar-white sands, and the turquoise waters.  Clouds and rain aren’t in the picture for them.

But me?  I moved here because I was married to someone that the government had the right to boss around, and they said he had to come here…so here I am, too.  I think beaches are pretty but they aren’t my favorite place to be.  When I go to the beach it’s almost always because someone I want to spend time with is there, and even then I’ve come to avoid anything between 10am-4pm because I burn through sunscreen so fast.  I don’t do sun, I don’t care for gritty sand, and I don’t like being hot and sticky.  I’m just as happy to stay home in the air conditioning most of the time.

Unless it’s raining.

When it’s raining I don’t care where I am. I love the rain.  I love how it makes colors seem brighter.  I love the sound it makes on leaves…roofs…pavement.  I love the smell of wet green things.  I love going to sleep to rain.  I don’t like what it does to my hair, but it’s a small thing in order to get rain.

I love how scripture speaks of rain as a blessing.  The heavens are like floodgates…if we honor the Lord by giving to Him from grateful hearts, He promises to open them and pour out blessing upon us until we are drenched.  What a way to go, to be drowned in blessing!

As I sit here I hear the raindrops hitting the leaves of the trees in the woods behind our house.  I hear gushes of water flowing across the roof gutter and rushing down the drain pipe.  It’s a comforting sound that I find to be both uplifting and melancholy at the same time, as odd as that might sound.  If it weren’t so chilly outside, I think I’d go stand in it and let myself get wet.  On purpose.  But instead I think I’ll go curl up in bed and read until I get sleepy, which, I suspect won’t take long at all.

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  1. December 18, 2009 12:18 am

    I am convinced we were cut from the same cloth.

  2. Tonya permalink
    December 18, 2009 8:28 am

    I love the way you see things and put things.

  3. December 25, 2009 2:40 pm

    I, too, like the rain. This post made me cozy.

  4. April 13, 2015 12:51 am

    Yes the rain is good; but who likes too much rain?

    • April 13, 2015 1:02 am

      Too much of nearly anything can turn a good thing into a destructive force. Even rain. But I wrote this not only because I like rain, but because I also recognize the truth that we serve out of the abundance and overflow of our hearts and lives. When my heart is dry, God sends rain, but even better is that He sends it until I am saturated and splashing onto others around me. I am reminded of that as I sit here listening to the trickles and the songs of happy frogs who love the rain even more than I do.

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