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Kitchenaphobia update

December 25, 2009
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Christmas Day is drawing to a close.  I hope to blog about that later.  But tonight Mr. Sparky reminded me that I need to update about Jake’s kitchenaphobia.

Which he no longer has.

Except when he has it.

But mostly he doesn’t.

We have no idea why he was terrified of  the kitchen for a day.  Or why he’s mostly not terrified of it anymore.  He gets shaky now and again, as if he suddenly remembers that the kitchen is a horrible place, but he’s easily convinced to set his mind on his happy place and then the world is right again.  Or something like that.

In other pet news, Agent Mooshie spends a great deal of time trying to look too dignified for the likes of that teenage boy cat that keeps pestering him.  It doesn’t work very well, because he forgets himself at the drop of a hat and engages in feline tomfoolery with his new young accomplice.  The two of them are settling well together, alternating between being annoyed, entertained, and comforted by one another.  They seem to seek out space in the same room now, and today I’ve twice caught them curled up beside one another.  Dr. Love is proving to be an exceedingly ornery young cat, doling out frequent swats to the Moosh’s head.  Fortunately for Moosh, there’s not a lot in there that Doc can hurt, and he can pretty much give as good as he gets anyway.

I am totally grateful that neither one of them has managed to bring the tree down.  Yet.

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