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A new year

January 1, 2010

It’s New Year’s Day and I feel as if I should write something profound and philosophical to commemorate the occasion.  The fact is…I’m tired and rather blurry in the brain, so any attempts at Socratization would surely come out more Stoogified than anything.

My day started at 6:30am when Hannah came into my bedroom in tears because her throat was hurting so badly.  I had really hoped it would be better today but instead it was worse.  Though she went back to bed and I slept a little bit longer, I ended up hauling her to the base ER this morning, where the state of her throat promptly shocked the doctor into poking her butt full of some nasty thick antibiotic, delivered by a needle through which one could drink a milkshake.  Plus she gave her a tasty little dose of steroid syrup to choke down.  Nasty.  But…Hannah is feeling considerably better this evening, which is a relief.  Hannah was always my Tigger child, and even when she was a baby the only time I could hold her and cuddle with her was when she was sick.  It is never a happy thing to have a sad, mopey, pathetic Tigger, even when it’s nice to get to hold her for more than 4 seconds. 

I did accomplish something noteworthy today, however.  I went through 71 (yes, SEVEN ONE) old copies of Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, and Simply Delicious magazines (some as old as 2002)  and cut out the recipes I’m interested in, then I pitched the rest.  That’s a LOT of magazines!  I did it during the Capital One Bowl (LSU lost) and the Rose Bowl (Ohio State won).  I literally spent at least five hours doing that.  Now I don’t even want to think about recipes and magazines for a while.  At least until tomorrow.

It is 2010.  How weird.  When I was a kid it sounded so far away, and yet here it is.  I am hoping for many good things in 2010.  I am daring to ask God for impossible things for 2010.  I mean, why not?  He’s good at the impossible.

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