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Poor baby

January 6, 2010

It’s been an interesting week in the neighborhood.  Or maybe just my house.

Eight days ago one of the Sparkettes started to complain her throat was hurting.  This particular Sparkette is known to have various complaints that usually just sort of work themselves out, so while I’m sympathetic to pain, I don’t get all worked up about it.  However, this sore throat ramped up fast.  And it was a big, bad sore throat, complete with angry red blistered tonsils swollen to enormous proportions.  Soon Sparkette was no longer just complaining…Sparkette was in tears and unable to swallow.  Before the whole thing was said and done, we ended up with two ER visits, a doctor’s office visit, and a trip to the hospital lab.  She endured a big ole shot in the booty, two strep tests (both negative), an oral dose of steroids, a liter of saline via IV, and IV dose of steroids, a shot of steroids, a Z-pack, a bottle of oral steroids, a full throat culture, and a blood draw that finally gave us the answer we needed but didn’t really want to hear: mono.

We were a bit surprised, considering none of the doctors really thought it was the culprit.  No enlarged spleen, no extreme fatigue, no fever.

She’s definitely tired now.  Low grade fevers come and go.  The sore throat with the swelling and blisters persists, and the poor girl finds herself hungry but unable to eat much due to the pain and the decreased swallowing space.  The cherry on the top of this nasty sundae is that she was supposed to start her second semester of college classes today.  Instead, she’s out of school until early next week, and even then she only goes back if the doctor gives her the ok.

I remember when she was tiny and she would get terrible ear infections.  After a dose of baby Tylenol there wasn’t much that could be done for her short of warm wash cloths to hold against her pained ears.  It’s a terrible thing when your baby cries and cries and you know they hurt and you just can’t do a thing to help them.

It’s no easier when they’re 18, either.

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