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Time for a little change

April 4, 2010

In 2005 Mr. Sparky and I and the oldest Spark went to Poland on a mission trip.  Mr. Sparky and I had both been there before, but not together.  When we’d gone before we felt our kids weren’t of an age and stage where it would be prudent for both of us to leave them for that long and be that far away, but this time we were ready to try it. We sent the smallest Sparkette to Ohio to hang out with her Grandpa and Granny.  And we enlisted a recent high school graduate, aka an Advanced Teenager, to come hang out with our remaining Sparkettes, aka Mid-level Teenagers and our dogs, aka The Dingbat Brigade, and our cat, aka That Evil Thing.

And yes, this would be the exact time frame when Hurricane Katrina hit.  That is its own story, however, and not the one I’m talking about right now.

The Advanced Teenager and the Mid-level Teenagers asked if they could paint a room in the house while we were gone.  I told them they could do whatever they wanted with the downstairs bathroom as long as they took down the wallpaper first.

I really, really, REALLY hate stripping wallpaper.  Wallpaper is of the devil.  You just wait…there will be no wallpaper in heaven.  That is because hell will be glued up tight with the nasty stuff.  No wonder the devil is always in such a bad mood.  It’s the wallpaper.

Anyway, they took me up on it.  I had no idea what I was coming home to.  I figured it would be somewhat teenager-y.  I figured there would almost certainly be bright color involved, and if you’ve seen the rest of my house you know that doesn’t particularly scare me…at least in concept.  Sometimes the reality can be a bit more glaring, though.

So here it is…here is what the Teenagers did to the bathroom:

Do yer eyeballs hurt?  Yup…it really was that bright!  Actually, they had a cool idea.  Their execution was a bit off, largely due to inexperience, but the basic idea had merit.  However, I told myself that one day soon I’d repaint it.  How bad could it be, now that the devil’s wallpaper had been exorcised from the premises?

In a couple of months it will have been five years since that bathroom was painted.  This past weekend I finally repainted.

Meet the new bathroom:

We replaced the drawer pulls on the cabinet fronts.  I’ll buy a new set of towels and a small rug and call it done for now.  The nice thing about the soft gray and black is I can use towels and accessories to change the room around.  Lots of colors look nice with soft gray.

What I’m not sure about is the back of that door.  The black paint on it might just peel off like a giant sticker.  I’m rather hoping not, seeing as I like the black a lot and I don’t like that door much in its plasticky white fake woodgrain.  I don’t even think primer would stick to the thing!

Gotta admit, the new paint job is much more…um, serene than the last one.  But either is better than wallpaper!

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  1. April 6, 2010 2:30 pm

    Wallpaper IS of the devil. But that yellow is horrific, too.

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