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Book Review: This is Your Brain In Love by Earl Henslin

April 21, 2010

This Is Your Brain In Love is a book that endorses a holistic approach to dealing with the quirks and issues that arise between people who are in love relationships.  The author, Earl Henslin, endorses a multi-faceted approach to bringing each partner (and thus, the relationship) into balanced emotional wholeness.  Some of those facets include dietary adjustment, vitamin supplements, medications, counseling, and scripture meditation.  It is the author’s belief that our emotions are driven by what happens physiologically in the brain, and the brain can be healed and balanced.  A healed and balanced brain doesn’t think or react the same as one that is misfiring.

I really liked this book.  Particularly, I liked that while Henslin is not afraid to recommend medications if the situation calls for it, it is not necessarily his first approach.  He demonstrates the power of nutritional healing also, and does not dismiss the healing power of the scriptures when meditated upon and applied to our lives.  Humans are body, soul, and spirit, and should be treated accordingly.  I also found the science behind Henslin’s approach to be fascinating, and he explained it on a level that is easy for a lay person to grasp.  Henslin also uses a fair amount of humor in the book, which makes it not just informative, but a pleasure to read.

I am grateful to have received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing for the purpose of review.  I definitely recommend this book!

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  1. Deb permalink
    April 21, 2010 2:39 pm

    Earl Henslin has an impressive understanding of the human condition–on a physiological, psychological, and, thus, the behavior level. When my husband of twenty-eight years abruptly left our marriage, I had a two-hour counselling appointment with Dr. Henslin. I explained my situation with as much transparency and honest self-evaluation as I was capable of at the time. I expected him to focus his suggestions on my misbehavior. Instead, he illuminated that I had just described the life of a “binge-drinking closet alcoholic” and that I should seek divorce and attend Al Anon. I was astounded–and foolishly was not willing to hear his observations. After heroic efforts, our family did re-unite, only to have my husband continue with his addiction (unknown to me) and have him cause catastrophic consequences to me, our children, and my extended family. I subsequently called Dr. Henslin to tell him that his predictions were “spot-on.”
    I am now an extremely devoted and active member of Al Anon…and understand that addiction is a blameless family disease in that the person afflicted did not cause his disease; however, he is responsible for recovering from it…much like a person who has been hurt by a “hit and run” driver. Personally, I am recovering from the effects of living with a person afflicted with this destructive condition.
    Dr. Henslin, I will be reading your book with a keen eye as I trust your commitment to research, knowledge, and wisdom.
    Thank you, Dr. Henslin. I wish I had listened.


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