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Day 2

April 22, 2010

When I was around eleven my parents brought a little black and white puppy home from the pound.  Pepper never got very big, but she was not a tiny frou-frou dog by any means.  Her favorite toy was a Fisher Price plastic frog that belonged to my little sister.  The frog had a tube and a bulb attached to it, and when you squeezed the bulb, air went down the tube and made the frog hop.  I don’t remember if the toy was broken before Pepper appropriated it as her own plaything, or if we just gave up and let her have it.  It was funny to see that little dog trot around with a big plastic frog hanging out of her mouth by its back leg.

Pepper also had a thing for watermelon rinds.  We ate watermelon outdoors, and we’d just toss the rinds over the hill by the house.  Pepper would head down over the hill and find the rinds and drag them back to the yard.  She’d lie there and chew on them until there was nothing left on them.  She especially loved it when one of us kids had done a lousy job of getting all the red watermelon off the rind.  Double treat.

Sometimes Pepper slept with me.  Once she threw up on my bed while I was asleep.  I rolled over and unwittingly flopped my hand into it. Pretty disgusting way to start one’s morning.

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  1. April 22, 2010 1:12 pm

    Reading along… :-)

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