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They call me Dr. Love

May 5, 2010
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Aww…sweet puddum-tat is having a little napski.  See him’s soft fur?  See him’s wuvwie whiskers?

A nice dignified pose in the sunbeam for our darling kitty-witty.

Such a beautiful fwuffy-kins he is.  Oh yes indeedy.

What happens next I have no pictures for documentation, but trust me.  Dr. Love wasn’t really sleeping.  He was recharging.  At any moment he will spontaneously transform into Spidey-Cat, and he will bounce off my furniture and hang upside down on the back of my sofa.  He will fly through the air with the greatest of ease, all at Mach 2.  He will then head-butt the water bowl until it sloshes all over the floor.  He can headbutt ANY water bowl until it sloshes all over the floor, and if you don’t believe me he’d be happy to prove it to you.  After he has emptied the water bowl and complained he has nothing to drink, he will then stalk Agent Dorkbutt and proceed to launch a campaign of brutal annoyances.  He will not stop until he’s had the stuffin’s kicked out of him, and probably not even then.  After that he will gather his dignity and Spidey all over the furniture some more, and then he will attack the killer glove that keeps trying to sneak up on him and cause bodily harm.  Once the glove is good and dead (again) he will thoroughly cover the house for any open doors or drawers that need to be inspected for vermin, dustballs, or pockets of oxygen.  Once that mission is complete, he will find Agent Mooshie and in an attempt at reconciliation, he will bite lick Mooshie’s ears as a gesture of friendship and camaraderie.  Once he’s had the stuffin’s kicked out of him again, he will complain that he’s hungry and nobody has fed him for the past two weeks, maybe longer.  At some point Spidey-Cat disappears and the sign comes out:  The Doctor Is In.  It is time for love.  He must be petted with fervor.  He must be loved.  Do not withhold love from The Doctor!  He shall purr.  Oh, shall he purr!  With great gusto and volume he shall purr, and he shall revel in your displays of affection!

“Enough.  Put me down, you imbecile.”

Spidey Cat re-emerges for one last tear through the house, and by then his batteries are getting low.  Scroll back up to the top of the post and repeat ad infinitum.

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