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‘Tis the season

May 21, 2010

The weather is turning hot and that means that my summer garage inhabitants are becoming active again.  I’m sure I have more things living in my garage than I want to know about, but the one thing I do know about is the Five-lined Skinks.

I don’t know how many there are.  I only occasionally actually see one of the critters.  They are harmless and eat bugs, so I’m cool with them being there except for two things.

The first thing is that they may be lizards, but they don’t dart like a green anole.  Instead they move with a side-to-side motion like a snake.  So every time I go into the garage and startle one who isn’t in hiding, it panics and bolts off, scaring the bejeebers out of me.  My mind sees the movement and screams “SNAKE!” and before it can realize its mistake and backtrack, it’s already got my body pumping adrenalin through my veins.  Once I’ve calmed down I think “gee, isn’t it rather cool that it had a blue tail?”.

The second reason is how I know the skinks are present even when I don’t see them.  Those skinks have giant poop, and they are not shy about leaving it out so that everyone can admire what they produced.  I am continually amazed that a relatively small lizard can leave such a big fat turd.  But it’s impressive enough that I found a photo of it here on Al Gore’s internets:  Skink poo.

Yeah, I don’t know why someone took a photo, either.  Other than the fact that they too were just as impressed as they were grossed out.

I found my first skink scat of the season today.  Isn’t that fun to say?  Skink scat.  Skink scat.  Skink scat.  Anyway…I think the skink was giving me fair warning that it has moved back into my garage, because it left it right in the pathway to the washing machine, where I’d be sure to see it (and really sorry if I didn’t).

Maybe I should start rattling the handle of the door to the garage before I open it.  Just to give the skinks time to get back into hiding.  Because we all know each other is there, but none of us actually wants to see the other.

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