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An intro and Day 1

September 17, 2010

Remember me?

I asked for a couple of ideas to help me get started blogging again.  I’ve found that blogging is as much habit as it is having something to say.  I’m sure you all have noticed this.  I have definitely gotten out of the habit.  I hope to employ some of the suggestions that were given to me, but for now I’m going back to what I did before: seven days of things I remember.  At the end of the seven days I will have to take a brief hiatus because I will be without a computer or other blogging device, but when I come back I hope to pick it back up again.  I may have to do seven days of something just to jump start the habit again.

So…ok.  Day 1.

When my sister was little she didn’t really like dolls all that much.  She could entertain herself with lots of things, but the whole “play house” thing just never seemed to grab her.  Until one Christmas, that is.  THAT Christmas she wanted a doll.  A very specific doll, and no other doll would do.

Yup.  Stretch Armstrong.  Weird stretchy man in skimpy undies.  She just HAD to have one.

And of course, being the baby of the family, she got one.

Stretch Armstrong was a freaky dude.  His head was hard, his body was squishy, he was the color of a bad bottled tan.  But oh, could he stretch.  You could do some wild stretchy things with Mr. Armstrong.

There is a limit to everything, though.  Even Stretch Armstrong.  One day he stretched…and he ruptured.  Did you know Stretch Armstrong was filled with goo?  Yup, fo’ sho.  Glibby gloop gloopy goo.

So we put him in the trash.

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  1. Dawn Newton permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:59 am

    Oh my! When I first looked at that picture, my fist thought was: “I remember my cousins over-
    S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G one of those and all the nasty goo that came out.” My next traumatic memory was seeing him laying in the garbage can all mangled, torn and gooey…what a morbid thought!! Who thinks of these kinds of toys??? Like the gooey squishy little tubes/balls at toy stores? Shalom broke one at a friend’s house when she was 5, and it stained the carpet never came out and the carpet had to be replaced. What is that goo made of?

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