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Day 2

September 18, 2010

Ok, technically it should be Day 3 but I’ve not been to bed yet and so it’s not tomorrow even thought it’s past midnight.

Yes, this logic works for me.  Why do you ask?

I am tired and it’s late, but I’m still going to post a quick remembering.

When I was very young I liked to go look in my mother’s closet.  She had a shoe rack full of shoes, including fashionable heels.  Not super tall ones, but still, heels.  I sometimes tried them on, not that they ever fit.  They seemed very glamorous to me.  I also loved her dresses.  My mom was a tiny young woman and she wore those pretty dresses the housewives of the 50s and 60s wore.  Stepford wife dresses, I guess.  I remember a white one with red polka dots.  I wondered if I would ever get to wear anything so pretty.  I had no concept that by the time I was old enough to wear something like that, it would be so far out of style I’d not be caught dead in it.

On her dresser was her jewelry box.  I loved to poke through that, too.  My mom didn’t have fine jewelry; we didn’t have money for that.  But she had beautiful costume jewelry.  Sparkly beads, pearly beads, crystal brooches.  They looked like the finest jewels to me, sparkling in her box.  I didn’t understand why she didn’t wear them every day.  I thought that when I grew up, I’d wear that sort of thing every day.  But I don’t.

Somewhere along the way, my eyes grew up and my mom started to look like a mom to me and not a glamor girl.  I didn’t want to wear her clothes or shoes anymore.  Her jewelry was old-fashioned and “too much”.  I don’t know when that happened.  Probably somewhere close to the teen years when I started to prefer satin disco shirts and fishnet scarves and plaid bell bottom pants.

Oh yeah, baby.  You know I was one hot ticket in that garb.

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  1. Kellie permalink
    September 23, 2010 7:51 pm

    hahahahahahaha!… Weren’t we all? Weren’t we all?

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