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What’s your name, again?

December 10, 2010

I love it when men come into the store to buy things for their wives/girlfriends.  And at this time of year it happens on a daily basis.  No matter how it works out, it’s always a highlight of my day.

A man in an intimate wear store, unaccompanied by a woman, is a curious creature.  A few of them walk in like warriors, confident and ready to conquer the store.  They refuse to be intimidated by lace and straps and silky little nothings.  But more of them– most, actually– wander in looking pitiful and lost.  They seem vaguely surprised that we speak English in there, though it’s obviously a dialect they can’t quite make out most of the time.  These men usually don’t know what size their wife wears.  They aren’t sure how tall she is or what she likes, and they suddenly can’t recall anything she’s ever worn.  As far as they know, she has no personal style she favors, and if she’s ever preferred one color over another, they can’t remember it.  As I ask them probing questions so I know what to recommend, it becomes clear that at that moment he would not be able to identify her out of a police lineup if his life depended on it.

This is why we have gift receipts.



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  1. Kellie permalink
    December 12, 2010 9:20 am

    Makes you wonder why they don’t say that right away, huh? Very funny… But I confess, if I went inside a gun shop, I’d have NO idea what kind of gun (make or brand) or ammunition or accessories (do they even call them that?) that he’d want. Tools at Home Depot or Lowe’s – I’d fare a little better, but not much…

  2. December 22, 2010 7:26 pm

    I think the general fear each guy has is that the girls at the counter are wondering if he’s shopping for his spouse or himself. :)

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