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July 28, 2011
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I have some random things I should like to blurt out.  Prepare for topic whiplash.

Pinterest is as much of a time-sucker as Youtube.  Maybe more.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, though.

I’ve never liked beer but I just had part of a Fat Tire and it was good.  I also had part of a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan and it was even better.  Got a bottle of Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer left to taste, but not tonight.

The mere idea of golf bores me.  I don’t even want to take a walk on a golf course because it sounds more boring than the average walk.

I don’t really think Will Farrell is funny.

Cleaning out a shower drain is one of the grossest jobs ever. It makes me gag.

My grandpa didn’t get indoor plumbing until I was in high school.  I was scared to death of the outhouse.  Spiders and snakes, you know.

When I was a kid there was a lady at church who had a fur stole that had a weasel/mink head biting its tail as the closing clasp system.  I thought it was way cool.  I liked to sneak to the coat rack and pet all the older ladies’ fur coats, stoles, and muffs.

I like almost anything flavored with grape.

I find Tiger Eye stone creepy.  It makes my head hurt just to look at it.

I wonder how much God laughs.

I also wonder how much God cries.

I hope He laughs and cries a lot.

A really sharp kitchen knife is a pleasure to use.

After all these years, Monty Python still cracks me up.

I can still close my eyes and feel exactly what it’s like to ride in a car up Rt. 7 in Ohio with the windows rolled down on a summer evening as the dampness of the river begins to cool the air and make everything smell green and wild.  It feels like home.  I hope I never forget that.

I am heartless with begging dogs unless I want to feed them for my own personal entertainment, which is almost never.

K, done for now.  Thanks.


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  1. sandy permalink
    August 1, 2011 9:05 pm

    I will try to keep it short for once.
    1. those weasel headed minks scared me to death!

    2. I KNOW God laughs…..and often………all he has to do it check us out on a daily basis. I think he pokes the angels and points at us….”psst…look at that one…my kid over there…watch what she’s fixing to do………hahahahha.”
    I think Jesus laughed a lot on earth but at some point people got all religious and uptight and forgot to read between the lines. Then that passed down from generation to generation. I refuse to pass it along, myself.

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