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It BIT me. Or something.

August 13, 2011

Last night Mr. Sparky and I attended a wedding, along with one of the Sparkettes.  It was beautiful, full of laughter and tears.  A bonus was that we got to visit with a good number of people we love dearly but rarely see anymore.  A double bonus was the best wedding cake I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.  A triple bonus was that I was actually wearing comfortable shoes.

Yeah, you ladies can surely appreciate that.

At the tail end of the reception we went outside to give a nice traditional birdseed-toss send-off to the bride and groom.  We ended up standing out there and chatting a bit, but the air was so warm and muggy that I took off my little shrug and was wearing my sleeveless top.  At some point breathing started to feel more like drowning, which was our signal to leave.

We got in the van and began driving home, and I realized that the top of my left shoulder felt a little weird.  It didn’t really hurt, but it sorta did.  It didn’t really itch, but it sorta did.  In our three-minute ride home, a funky amoeba-shaped welt began to rise up.  An area the diameter of a baseball began to swell around it.  By the time I got home it was bright red and very hot.  It wasn’t obvious whether a bite or a sting was causing the distress, but it was obvious that I’d missed the actual moment of attack.  Too bad.  The aftermath looked worthy of dropping and writhing and thrashing and squalling.  Oh well.  Missed opportunity.

When I went to bed it still looked quite nasty.  Swollen, red, hot, and getting a bit more sore and itchy but still not terribly so.  I took some ibuprofen so it could double up and knock at a nagging headache that I really didn’t want to deal with any longer, and I rubbed a bit of hydrocortisone cream on it, and I called it a night.  But this morning it was still there.  Less red, but still swollen and hot, and a bit more itchy and fairly sore.  This evening it’s a bit better still but nothing near normal.

And as you can tell, I’m not done whining about it yet.


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