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Fire on a stick

August 24, 2011

A few days ago a little box showed up in the mail.  I pried it open only to find that my friend Lana had sent me some candy.  But not your normal kind of candy.  No…this was candy unlike any I’d ever seen before.

Yes, that reads “Rockaleta”.  It appears that this is a Mexican candy.  It’s a lollipop, actually.  And it’s flavored like salty hot lava.

Ok, not exactly like salty hot lava.  But sorta.  Here is what the advertising reads:

Gum center lollipop with 4 layers of chili and 4 layers of hard candy. The lollipop with the most intense chili sensation out there!

The first layer was barely sweet at all.  It was mostly salty with a bit of chile burn.  The next layer was much sweeter, but still with some fire.  I lost track of the layers and their specific flavors, but they alternated between sweet and salty and they all had a spicy kick, which, of course, I loved.  The gum center was reminiscent of Silly Putty in color, texture, and flavor.  I recommend spitting it out after you get all the lollipop flavor chewed out of it, which will take about 45 seconds.  Life’s too short to be chewing that stuff.

This stuff is far less food and far more experience.  Leave it to Lana to send me an international experience through the mail!

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  1. August 25, 2011 2:37 pm

    i want one!!!!

  2. August 25, 2011 4:03 pm

    “Sweet!” Or rather SALTY? Or, oh heck….cool beans!

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