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If a tree falls in the forest…

August 27, 2011
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I recently changed the text tone on my phone.  It used to be the standard “tri-tone” sound.  I changed it to a sound called “glass”.  It’s just a clear ting-ting, like someone striking a crystal glass.  And I don’t know how to express how happy that sound makes me.  Not because I’m getting a text, but because I just plain like the sound.  There is something light and pure about it.

This world is full of sounds I hate hearing.  Adults screaming ugly words at children.  Nails on a chalkboard.  Dentist’s drills.  Mosquitoes buzzing my ear.  The sound of an auto crash.  An animal yelping or crying in pain.  A twenty-one gun salute.  Sounds like these grate not only on my ears, but on my soul.

But then there are the sounds I love.  Laughter.  Crickets and other night sounds.  Distant thunder.  Rain.  A cat’s purr.  A breeze rustling through the trees, or gently whoosing through a cornfield.  The quietness of a blanket of snow.  The grunts and squeaks of an infant. The singing of a hot kettle.  A soulful violin or a dancing fiddle.  The quiet breathing of a sleeping child.  Cicadas in the tree tops.  Songbirds.  The squeaky slam of a screen door.

Sound is powerful.  It lifts, it crushes, it restores.  It calls to mind memories long past, both good and bad.

It gives us something to dance to.

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  1. August 29, 2011 11:50 am

    Sounds………I am thankful to even be able to hear!
    I just changed my ring tone to Big Ben Clocktower in London (aka grandfather clock sound)
    Weird….but there is really something I like about that!

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