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Whirlwind weekend of fun

October 2, 2011

What a weekend it has been!  Friday started with a road trip to Baton Rouge to spend a bit of time with the Sparkette.  On Saturday we attended an LSU football game so that we could see her march in the band.  It was an awesome experience.  We had seats in the nosebleed section, but we took binoculars and had no trouble finding her.

This photo is of the pregame show.  She is in the bottom of the S on the 50 yard line.  See her?  She’s the sassy cute one with the trombone.


I hadn’t been to a college football game since my freshman year at Ohio State.   At that point I was really rather ambivalent about the whole thing.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate both football and tradition a bit more.  So even though this day was full of traditions that aren’t mine, I really enjoyed them.  The crazy tailgaters…the band jogging (while playing!) down the hill to the stadium before the game…watching Mike the tiger (yes, he’s a real tiger) make a trip around the field in his little caged cart…watching the band do their traditional pregame…seeing the team run out on the field…watching the student section respond to the game plays and the band…enjoying a fabulous Mo-town halftime show, and then getting to see the alumni band join in…watching a sea of purple and gold do the wave…it was all great.  The University of Kentucky made a very unfortunate showing and LSU ran away with the game.

The weather was a glorious non-humid 72 degrees and sunny, and we got sunburned in spite of applications of sunscreen.  We joined the Sparkette for tailgating with her church after the game (the game was early so most tailgating took place after the game instead of before).  The food was gone by the time we got there but there was still time to visit with folks and just relax.  Mr. Sparky managed to get in on a game of frisbee with the Sparkette and a few other folks.  The man is like a golden retriever with its ball…as long as you keep throwing the frisbee, he will keep playing.  I can’t throw (or catch) a frisbee to save my life.  Mr. Sparky is very good at it.

We went to dinner later that evening.  We were all exhausted and fried.  We’d started the day at 6:30am with breakfast at Louie’s Cafe, a greasy spoon diner near campus that we’ve enjoyed since Sparkette began her time at LSU.  We had hoofed it from one activity to another all day and by dinner time we were all feeling the effects of it.  I’m pretty sure we all crashed fairly early that night.

This morning we accompanied the Sparkette to her church.  It was obvious that she is known and loved within the community there.   It was a nice church.  I could see why she loves it there.

After church we said goodbye and got back on the road.  I never like the goodbye part, but I knew that the Sparkette had a load of midterms to study for, and that she wasn’t feeling all that well and needed to take care of her stuffy nose and sore throat (which I’m hoping she didn’t share).  Her sisters and the GrandSpark had stayed with her on both Friday and Saturday nights, so I know she didn’t likely get any studying done those nights.  Getting us out of her hair was going to be a good thing for her, whether any of us really liked it or not!

I hope that if the powers that be at Ohio State somehow get wind that I attended an SEC football game that they will not revoke my Buckeye Card.  I suppose I could always beg and plead, promising that I love Hang On Sloopy far better than Eye of the Tiger and that TBDBITL’s fine rendition of Script Ohio will bring me to my feet every time.  I could assure them that I could never forget the words to Carmen Ohio and that if pressed, I know the bad words to the Buckeye version of the University of Michigan’s fight song though of course I would never be so unsportsmanlike to actually sing them.  Ok, I might sing some of them, but they really are quite vile so I wouldn’t sing them all.  That would surely convince them of my burning loyalty to all things Buckeye.

Thanks for giving us a reason to have such a fun weekend, Hope.  We’re really proud of you and the person you are still becoming.

And we’re relieved that there’s not been an LSU-OSU match-up during your time in Louisiana.

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