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October glory

October 3, 2011

It is gloriously chilly outside this evening.  The days are hitting the low 80s and the nights are hitting the low 50s.  Now THAT’S good sleeping weather.

My heart wanders north at this time of year.  My ears start listening for crackly leaves and the lonesome sound of wind through a drying cornfield.  My nose is sniffing for woodsmoke and the full and slightly musty smell of dying vegetation.  My eyes are watching for color to brush across trees and bushes.  But those things, if they happen at all down here, happen on a very small scale. If you blink, you miss it.

My cooking repertoire is about to shift.  Some foods are seasonal.  I can’t bring myself to make chili in the summer.  Chicken Big Mamou  and pot roast with mushroom gravy are out, too.  They are foods for the fall and winter, as is anything made with pumpkin.  But last week I made a pot of early season chili.   It was the first of many I’ll make before spring, I’m sure.

There are no weenie roasts down here (that’s a midwestern term for a bonfire which may or may not include hot dogs).  No hayrides, either.   I grew up doing things like that and I’m rather sorry that such activities are foreign to my kids.

I love smelling of woodsmoke and barns.


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  1. October 5, 2011 7:39 am

    I fell your nostalgia full force! I get this way in the fall as well (and the winter and the spring!) I miss the leaves, the smells, the snow, the lilacs….wish that I could live up North again …however, my kids have gotten a chance, even if it was slight to experience most of those things, for which I’m grateful….

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