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Something a little different

October 7, 2011

I needed a dose of autumn today so while I was at the commissary I decided to invest in some temporary decorations.  Two pumpkins, some small decorative gourds, and a little potted mum later, the mantle over my fireplace looks pretty nice.  I have a few little candles scattered up there too.  One of the pumpkins I bought was white.  I’ve never had a white pumpkin before.  I wonder what the color of its interior is but not enough to cut it open to find out.  Is it white?  If I made a pie out of this pumpkin would it be some sort of ghostly whiter shade of pale?

Items that are an atypical color are always rather fascinating.  Purple potatoes and carrots.  Yellow raspberries and watermelon. White radishes and eggplant, though eggplant was originally white anyway.  It got its name because the little fruits literally looked like eggs growing on trees.

And what is it about anything blue?  Not just blue foods, but anything blue?   Blue birds, blue flowers, sapphires and aquamarines, fish that glow in unearthly shades of cobalt…even a striking pair of true blue eyes can stop us dead in our tracks.  It reminds me of a poem I like:

Fragmentary Blue

Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet)–
Though some savants make earth include the sky;
And blue so far above us comes so high,
It only gives our wish for blue a whet.

-Robert Frost, 1920

I guess it’s not just me who noticed this blue thing.

Oh!  Blue Dog!  I almost forgot Blue Dog!  I like Blue Dog.   He’s just so…blue.

Blue Dog would look good on my mantle too.  Though perhaps not quite so autumnal as pumpkins and gourds.  A lot less cliché, though, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Joann permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:21 am

    You make me smile!

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