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No, never, can’t, won’t, doesn’t, don’t

October 9, 2011

In my perfect little world where the ponies are lavender and poop jelly beans, all the people are nice to one another.  Nobody gets their kicks out of being mean or rude or selfish, and everyone gives me all their grape Pixy Stix.

Yeah…it only exists in my head.

I’ve come to the conclusion that some people live by the motto “I’m not happy ’til you’re not happy”.  I had a couple of those visit me at work today.

It took me all of about 30 seconds to figure out  these two ladies could not be pleased.  They would ask for something, and when I would show them what they asked for I’d get a disdainful look and a litany of reasons why whatever I showed them was all wrong.  The frustrating part was that one of the ladies wanted a bra with two mutually exclusive characteristics:  it could have no lining or padding whatsoever, but it could not be unlined.  The other one wanted a bra with no underwire but refused to try on any, simply sniffing that one had too much padding and one wasn’t supportive enough (in spite of the fact that it has a very high support rating) and one was just…wrong.  It’s no surprise that I was unable to serve them in a manner they deemed satisfactory.

As they walked back through the store one of them touched every item and made a comment about what was wrong with that item.  I’m quite sure that if they’d been set loose in an all-you-can-eat pie store, they would only want cake.

I wasn’t too sorry to see them and their little black cloud leave.  It was as if they exhaled negativity.  It fouled the air supply in the entire store.

It’s hard to imagine living with such a critical spirit that doesn’t even allow you to be personable and kind to someone whose only desire is to serve you.  I think of days when I feel fussy and cranky, and honestly, I don’t even care for my own company when I feel like that.  It’s an unpleasant weight.   And maybe they were just having such a day.  I rather doubt it, though.  They two of them were in criticism cahoots, and that sort of an agreement is generally a relational habit, not just a bad day.

God is so awesome, though.  As those ladies were making their way out of the store, in walked a couple of friends that I’m always thrilled to see.  I love that He made sure I was blessed after dealing with that unpleasantness.  It was like an immunization to keep me from catching their nega-funk.   Made me feel a lot better.


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  1. October 10, 2011 9:19 am

    I’ve been around people like that…it makes you want to run the opposite direction! It’s not a pleasant way to be and I agree, if we focus only on the negative it can actually become a habit to be this way! I am working on myself in this area, I want to grow old in grace not anger and negativity. What a sweet gift from God to have your positive friends walk in just at the right time! :)

    • October 10, 2011 11:31 am

      It is SUCH a bad habit…not that I am personally aware of it or anything…just sayin’! ;)

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