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Window frames of the soul

October 26, 2011

I’ve mentioned that we’ve jokingly referred to the youngest Sparkette as “Imelda Marcos” from the time she was a toddler. The kid was barely walking when she started her love affair with shoes. Though we’ve held her at bay and limited how much we’ve indulged this fashion passion, it has not dampened her constant neeeeeeed for a cute pair of black flats or a great pair of boots or some heels that no growing child should be wearing.

Yesterday I discovered that the girl just loves a good expensive accessory, no matter what it is. Even if it’s eyeglasses.

Yeah, eyeglasses.

First of all, a shout-out to Palm Eye Care for having excellent doctors and technical staff, as well as the best selection of eyeglass frames I’ve ever seen in one place. Whomever chooses the frame selection over there has super fabulous taste.

Just what Sparkette needs. An entire boutique loaded with face accessories, all chosen by someone with super fabulous taste.

At first her only preference was that the frames be semi-rimless. Which is cool…her last frames were semi-rimless and they looked good on her. So she began to try on the semi-rimless. It became apparent very quickly that every frame looked good on her. Almost every one she tried on went in the pile to be whittled down later. She then decided to try on some wire frames. Yup…they looked really good too. Really good. Lots more in the pile. So maybe she shouldn’t rule out the plastic frames without trying on a few? You know what happened. Several more frames in the pile. To her credit, she had at least determined that she wanted a rectangular lens and the entire pile consisted of rectangular-lensed frames.

And they all looked good.

She finally sat down and began to try on her stash. I was amazed that she moved through the pile fairly quickly, culling out the less-thans and setting aside the preferreds. But when she was nearing the end after several culls, it was interesting that her pile still had every type of frame in it that she’d tried on– semi-rimless, wire, and plastic frames. Any one of them would have been an excellent choice. But she finally determined a winner in the contest, and in a week or so she will have a spiffy new pair of glasses. Which will probably call for new shoes to match.

Here are some glasses that didn’t make the cut:








When she gets her new frames I’ll post a photo of her in all her cute-faced glory.  Wouldn’t want to spoil the reveal, you know.

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