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Hometown Friday night lights

October 29, 2011

I spent an interesting evening with the Sparkette at a football game at her high school.

The youngest Sparkette is in high school.  Weird.

Anyway, it was homecoming.  There was a parade of floats.  Oddly, none of them seemed to be made of tissue-stuffed chicken wire like the glorious creations from my days of secondary education.  I didn’t realize you could even have a float without tissue-stuffed chicken wire.  And just so you know, where I come from it’s pronounced chicken whar.  The stuff that keeps critters in fields?  That’s bob whar.

Lawsy, but I’m distractable tonight.

Ok, so floats.  And firetrucks with a herd of cheerleaders on top.  And convertibles with smiling girls in formal dresses and tiaras, escorted by guys all spiffied-up and grinning.

I think high school homecomings look about the same all over the country.

Before the game kicked off the dance team went out on the field and did a routine to a highly techno-popped remix of Madonna’s Vogue.  And I had to wonder if I was the only one a bit uncomfortable with some of the moves those teenaged girls were doing out there on the field.  A couple of times I thought “don’t you have to have a pole to do that?”  And I wondered if it occurred to their daddies that a bunch of grown men in the stands were ogling their gyrating underage daughters.

The game was a stinker.  The hometown faves were soundly spanked by a team much faster and more agile on the field.  It didn’t help that the officiating team seemed to be unable to see any fouls committed by the opposing team, but even if they had I don’t think that would have saved the game, or even helped the boys save face.  Sometimes there’s no way to soften the blow that you were just plain out-played.

I hadn’t been to a football game at the high school in about five years.  That is when the Baton Rouge Sparkette was a senior in the band.  Not much as changed in five years.  There were a lot of the same faces in the stands.  The band was still playing the same music in the stands and the drumline was still revving up the student section with the same drills, which the cheerleaders responded to with the same routines.  It didn’t feel as if I’d been away five years.  It felt more like a couple of weeks.

It was fun to go to the game with the Sparkette.  She doesn’t much care for football but she is gradually learning some of the rules and so that makes it easier for her to follow.  I don’t know all the rules myself.  Just enough to have an idea what’s happening on the field.  Which is enough.


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  1. October 29, 2011 11:27 am

    Sounds so much like the rest of life. Not always sure of the rules, somethings never change, and the band keeps playing while the team does it’s best.

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