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Fill ‘er up

October 31, 2011

Years ago Mr. Sparky and I got the bug to acquire some pasta bowls.  It seemed like an easy enough thing to find when we decided we wanted them.  But as soon as we decided we wanted them, we could no longer find any that we liked.  Everything we found was too big or too small, the wrong shape, a weird color or pattern, too light and prone to chipping…just wrong.  And so rather than settle, we held out.  Oddly enough, we never really talked much about what exactly it was that we wanted.  We both just knew that when we saw it, we’d know it.

About a week ago we were in a William-Sonoma store, ooo-ing and ahh-ing over all the cool kitchen toys.  We both love that store and it’s one of the few catalogs we are happy to see show up in our mailbox.  It immediately goes on the back of the toilet so that Mr. Sparky can go shooping.  The nice thing about going to a store is you get to actually poke, prod, and shake the things you admired in the catalog.  But as I perused the back of the store I came upon a stack of pasta bowls that stopped me dead in my tracks.  I’d looked for pasta bowls here plenty of times and never found squat.  Where did these come from?  They were just the right size, shape, weight, and color.

I took one from the top of the stack and headed towards the front where Mr. Sparky was about to purchase some water filters for his coffee maker.  I approached him and held it out.  He looked at it and immediately said “that’s it”.  “Yup”, I replied.  And so it was agreed.

We didn’t buy them that day because we had a gift card at home that would cover a bit more than half the cost of a set of six of these beauties.  Later that week I stopped in and bought one set.  I’d love to have another set sometime, so it will probably be a standing item on my Christmas/International Lisa Day list until they show up.  I can see these being a permanent fixture in our kitchen.

Want some for yourself?  You can get them here.


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  1. November 1, 2011 12:00 am

    Nice! I likey!!

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