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Ready to rumble

November 5, 2011
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There is something about starting a blog post that attracts cats.

The moment I start pecking away at the keyboard, some forlorn feline shows up and begins pestering for attention.  Both cats have now taken to reaching up and tapping my arm or hand with their paw in an attempt to get me to pet them  How do you say no to such a sweet gesture? Especially when accompanied by enthusiastic asthmatic purring.  But be warned:  if you pet, you will regret.

You see, petting is a gateway drug for a cat.  A few simple strokes is the same as an engraved invitation to hop on your lap…and then onto your desktop, usually by way of the keyboard.  That might not be so bad if the cats were literate, but their intelligence is limited to less cerebral ventures like how to get fed (and petted) at any cost, and I’m pretty sure the comments they leave on my blog in the process of perching in front of my monitor are some form of cat cussing.  Besides, a cat in front of your computer screen is not conducive to actually seeing what you’re typing.

Love me some cats.  I really do.  My house never quite feels like a home without an ornery sunbeam surfer or two in it.  But they are quirky critters with some maddening habits.

We won’t even get started about the business of them eating my houseplants and then barfing up the partially digested greens on the rug.

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  1. Joann permalink
    November 6, 2011 10:41 am

    If it’s not Mochi reaching up with kitten claws to grab the fabric in between my thighs, it’s fat Roly who lays across my arms, virtually locking me in place. Trouble is the only civilized kitty among them. He will invariably get onto the arm of the couch and start patting my shoulder with his paw. Then when I look at him, he will cock his head to the side and give his meow/bark, very softly. He’s the only one who asks before bugging!

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