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In review

November 22, 2011

Things I learned today:

1.  It’s Tuesday.
2.  I was scheduled to work on Tuesday.
3.  I am not scheduled to work on Wednesday.
4.  I have really gracious managers at my place of employment who covered for me being calendarly-challenged.
5.  Brown rice spaghetti is super gluey if you don’t rinse it when it’s done cooking.
6.  Every time I update Hanging With Friends on my iPhone, I lose my settings.
7.  Dubliner is still my favorite bedtime cheese.
8.  Comparison shopping online is a tricky thing.
9.  The proportion of laundry to available hangers is never even.
10.  I can make pumpkin pie with agave nectar.  In theory. Practice is yet to come.
12. Biting bugs like to aim for spots you can’t reach to scratch.
13. I really hate the smell of the candle in the bathroom, and I don’t even light the thing.
14. Kids who live four states away in a city I’ve never visited will still call me to ask where to find things in Walmart…and I’ll know.
14. Some things are like riding a bike.
15. Some other things are like falling off a bike.
16. I can’t remember what those other things are right now.

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