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Too busy for this

December 8, 2011

Today I have been too busy reading blogs to stop and write on my own.  I have also been busy buying groceries, eating groceries, and working for the man.

Actually, I don’t work for the man, I work for the woman.   It would be too weird to work at da panty sto’ and be working for the man.

Other things I did other than write in my blog:  laundry, cleaned up animal barf, battled with a teenager, told myself a fairy tale about how I wanted a salad for dinner, tried out new eyeliner, petted my cat, put gas in the van, and shook crumbs out of my computer keyboard.

That list is not exhaustive.

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  1. December 8, 2011 8:41 am

    I love your minutia aka. minutiae !
    mi·nu·ti·a    [mi-noo-shuh],
    Usually, minutiae
    precise details; small or trifling matters:

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