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No thank you

December 10, 2011

Did a little shopping over the past two days.  Found some things I do not care to have for Christmas, (Inter)National Lisa Day, Groundhog Day, Flag Day, or any of the other major gift-giving occasions.  For your convenience, I shall list just a few of these items.

-Black socks with a white strip of the side and a skunk head on the toes.

-Shot glasses with rocker bottoms.  Glasses with bottoms that won’t sit flat on the table are not a good idea for people consuming alcohol, though highly entertaining for those folks who are watching the drinkers.

-A faux leather biker dude coat for my dog.  Twelve pounds of trembling spit and fur isn’t intimidating even if you dress for success.

-Any item of clothing that can’t be positively identified as to whether it’s a shirt or a dress.

-Comforter sets with Domo on them.

-Knee socks.  I didn’t like them in grade school, and I really don’t think I’d like them any better now.

-Candlesticks that look like silver coral.

-Golden elephant statues with  jewels for eyes.  Creepy.

-A box that will make colored lights on the wall if I plug my iPod into it.  I mean…why?

Do people actually buy this stuff?


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  1. December 10, 2011 10:51 am

    Good to know.(Now where is the receipt for the skunk socks?)

  2. bethkvogt permalink
    December 10, 2011 6:08 pm

    Truth be told, my 11-year-old daughter would probably love the box that makes colord lights on the wall if she plugged her iPod into it.
    But I’m not saying a word about it.
    Not a word.

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