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O Cannonball, O Cannonball…

December 13, 2011

Last Saturday I was super excited about getting a Christmas tree because for the first time since we’ve lived in Florida, we were going to go to a tree farm and cut our own.  I had traded a shift so I’d have the day off, researched tree farms, and found one about an hour away.  So I got in the van with Mr. Sparky, the youngest Sparkette, and Jake the Jerkfaced Dog, and off we went.

Before we moved to Florida we always cut our own Christmas tree.  I knew the experience here wouldn’t be quite the same.  First of all, it was warm outside.  And secondly, the tree farm we were visiting had Virginia pine, Leyland Cypress, and Red Cedar.  While I don’t recall a complete list of trees we’ve had in the past, I’m quite sure none of those varieties are on it.

It took us about five minutes to decide that our only real option was a Virginia pine.  The cedar looked too much like landscaping that someone shaped to look like a Christmas tree.  We didn’t want shrubbery for a Christmas tree.  And the Leyland cypress was just too weird.  And neither the cedar nor the cypress had limbs sturdy enough for ornaments of anything other than feather weight.  The Virginia pines, however, were a bit…rough.  Some of them were really odd in color.  And though many of them looked good from a distance, once you got within 15 feet of them you could see all the lopsided branches, crooked trunks, and drastically bare areas.  And then there was the odd green painty stuff on the branches.

We tried hard to like those trees.  After wandering around several fields for a good hour or so, this is the best one we found:

At first glance it doesn’t look so bad.  But look again.  Look at where the trunk on that tree is.  Most of the tree was located on one side of the trunk.  And trust me…this is the good side of the tree.  The back side was half naked.

We gave Sparkette the choice of cutting the tree or coming back and choosing a captive tree from a local pen.  We piled in the van and came back to the ‘Ville treeless.

Upon arrival we drove straight to the tree corral and unloaded from the van.  It took us less than 2 minutes to find the perfect tree, and another 15 minutes to wander the rest of the pen and then come back to the first one we liked.  The nice men trimmed off the bottom branches for us and took a slice off the end so it would suck up water for us.  You could tell they liked running the chain saw.   They tied it to the top of the van, and home we went.

We finally got it decorated tonight.  Nearly seven feet of Fraser fir.  It is tall and somewhat skinny, which is how I like my Christmas trees because they don’t take up too much room that way.  It smells great.  It doesn’t really have a bad side.  Our heavier ornaments all found a home on it without sinking any branches.  It is loaded with twinkly lights and icicles that sparkle as they flutter from the breeze of the ceiling fan.  It’s kinda blingy, and I’m diggin’ it.

We still don’t have anything on the top.  I’m still searching for a new topper.  I’m just not feeling the angel this year.   I’d like a Moravian star, but I can only find one manufacturer of them and all the ratings say it looks cheap in person, so I held off on ordering it and have been searching local shops instead.  Haven’t found anything that jazzes me thus far.  But I’ll keep looking. It’s pretty without one, so if I don’t find one right away it won’t be the end of the world.

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  1. December 14, 2011 2:08 pm

    She’s a beauty!

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