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She’ll have her closeup now, Mr. DeMille

December 15, 2011

I think it probably goes without saying that where there are teenagers, there will be drama.

Have I mentioned that we have a teenager here in the Sparky household?

Life is very dramatic these days.  Why, just this evening I was informed by the wailing Sparkette that she doesn’t know how to walk.  She then corrected herself, because of course she knows how to walk.  She just doesn’t know how to walk to school.

This was after she was dorking around with her phone and managed to completely and totally lock up the sim card.  ATT customer service tried to help me unlock it, but it was obvious that the phone was too far gone and will have to have a new sim card.  At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what the nice lady on the other end of the line said.  English was definitely not her primary language.

And all of that was after Sparkette insisted she didn’t know where her math book was.  But before she told me that she doesn’t use her bicycle basket anymore because she doesn’t like the noise it makes.  But after she announced that there is nothing to eat in this house, no food at all.

We won’t even discuss how last night she sat on a chair that wasn’t there.  Or attempted to.

How did I ever do three of these at once?

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  1. December 15, 2011 12:31 am

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  2. December 15, 2011 9:01 am

    Haha….yes, teenagers can be finicky….mine are no longer teenagers, yet I still here “there’s no food in the house”, even though I can go in there and within 15 minutes have a delicious meal on their plates…hmmmmm….

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