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The holly and the ivy and the cactus

December 16, 2011

My house is full tonight.  The Baton Rouge Sparkette is home for Christmas break.  The Far-Away Sparkette and her husband and the GrandSpark, who is indeed very grand, are here for one night on their way to South Florida.  The youngest Sparkette is here.  All we’re missing is the Junior Spark, who had to work tonight.  It would have been nice to have him here.

I went to the commissary yesterday morning and came home with three plants in addition to food.  I bought a poinsettia with blotchy red and white “petals” (poinsettias don’t really have petals, they just have leaves that are a color other than green.  They’re actually called bracts.  It’s a little known fact. ), a fresh pothos to kill (it’ll take me a good year or so to do it), and a Christmas cactus.  I have never had a Christmas cactus before.  It was $2.99 so I figured that if I killed it, I would get at least $3 of like out of it before playing taps and sending it to the big green planter at the end of the driveway.  I was told they are super easy to care for, which I’m pretty sure is code for “it’s not gonna make it ’til Christmas with the likes of you”.

I don’t have a brown thumb, really.  But I tend to be too inattentive to claim that I have a green one, either.  For example: I have a mess of moth orchids right now that are totally neglected.  Some water would do wonders for them, but my fairy godmother is once again on the lam and so I’m stuck here doing all the chores, and I just can’t be bothered to wet on all my plants.

Seriously, it’s Christmas time.  You’d think the old bat would be able to stay out of jail for a couple of weeks.  She’s on EVERYONE’S naughty list.  It’s downright embarrassing.


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  1. December 17, 2011 9:46 am

    So funny! Hope you enjoy being surrounded by your family! <3 I would imagine this many 'Sparks' in one place might lead to some spontaneous combustion eventually! :-)

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