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Happy New Year

January 3, 2012
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This is my first post of the new year, not counting yesterday’s reposting of my 2011 blogging summary.  I don’t consider that a real posting because WordPress simply asked me if I’d like to share the stats on my blog, and I clicked the yes button.  So here I am now, and the pressure to make my first post of 2012 really awesome is mounting.  I must be extraordinarily wise, thoughtful, witty, or otherwise fascinating.

Instead, all I can think about is how much my nose hurts.  I doubt you want the details of that, but since I don’t seem to have anything wise, thoughtful, witty, or otherwise fascinating to say, nose details it will be.

When I travel to TN I always end up with a stuffy nose no matter what the season.  I know by now to just pack Sudafed and Afrin so it doesn’t have to be a distraction to me.  So when I woke up yesterday morning, it was no surprise to be somewhat stuffy. I’d already raided my med stash several times in the previous couple of days.  But when I went downstairs, I launched into sneezing fits.  Never more than four at a time, which is my personal limit, but I did a heck of a lot of groups of four.  And then I’d have to blow my nose.  I’d no sooner do that than I would feel the itching and burning starting in my nostrils again, and within minutes I’d be sneezing again.  When I went upstairs it would be better, so I think I was reacting to something.  But “better” doesn’t mean “normal”, and all day long on the road trip home I’d occasionally start sneezing again.  Though it’s been a lot better today, my poor nose feels quite traumatized.

How am I supposed to write something fabulous when I got all that nose biz happening?

I could tell you about my new year’s resolutions, except I don’t have any because I don’t do them.  I always figure that if you know you need to make a change, just make it and don’t get all worked up about what day it is on the calendar.  New year’s resolutions aren’t really about change.  They are about guilt, and about that nagging sense that we’re not all we should be, and if only we’d ______, our lives would be so much better.  The truth is that we don’t really want to change.  We just want to feel less guilty.  Guilt is a terrible motivator for real lasting change, which is why new year’s resolutions don’t usually last more than a week or two.

I am thinking about what I might want to do with 2012, or rather, what God wants me to do with 2012.  It’s always a curious thing to ponder, because He always has bigger and better ideas than I dare to have.  He freaks me out on a regular basis, which I’ve come to like once it’s over and done.  The middle part is a bit iffy, though.  Middle parts often are.  The novelty of the beginning is over and the sight of a victorious finish line is still out of view.  You’re just hanging out there with your naked butt in the wind, grumping that this is a fine kettle of fish if there ever was one, and wishing someone would wake you up and tell you that it’s time to go for ice cream now.

Funny how that ice cream part never happens.

But I like how if you just keep going, it ends up being an adventure with Him and it gives you a good story.  And really, I guess that is what I want from 2012.  I want a good story.  A God-story.  One I would have never dared to write myself because it’s just so much more than I could ever ask or imagine.

But I’m hoping for a little ice cream now and then too.

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