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Remnants of the Garden…and the Fall

January 16, 2012

There is Eden in me.  I know this because I have this idea that people should behave honorably, do what they say, and choose right over wrong.  It would put the tabloids straight out of business.

This is on my mind because I just had to sit in front of my computer and make a list of strict, detailed rules.  I don’t like doing that.  I can and I will, but I’d rather all parties practiced honor and respect, and in doing so, we could elevate grace over the law.  But in this case,  grace has thus far been a license to keep on sinning, and that’s not cool.  So the law it shall be.  Sometimes parenting requires such stuff.

Except now I’m grumpy and out of sorts.  I am irritated by politics.  I am irritated by Twitter.  I am irritated by the sound of my text tone.  I am irritated that some important emails I sent have not been answered.  I am irritated that the no-sugar cookies I made with peanut butter and agave didn’t really turn out.  I am irritated that I can’t seem to focus to get some writing done that really needs to be completed.  I am just plain irritated.

It’s all misplaced irritation, really.  I can usually have grace for such things.  But in just the time it took to lay down the law over one thing, the rest of me got out of kilter.  It’s so stinkin’ easy to wander outside the peace of a grace mindset.  One judgment…one criticism…one law-focused mindset…and there you are, grumpy and out of sorts with the world.  Even when it’s a necessary judgment or criticism, even when it’s truly time to lay down the law, the weight of that negative anti-Eden activity can sink a person into some serious misery.  And the next thing you know, you’re doing something tabloid-worthy.

Which is never a good thing.


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