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Project Jubilee

January 19, 2012

Please take 2 1/2 minutes to watch this video.   And then I’ll tell you my story.


In April of 2009, I mentioned in another post that slavery and human trafficking weighed heavily upon my heart.  It is nearly three years later, and it’s time to turn that into action.

Today I launched Project Jubilee.  If you click on that link, you’ll get an explanation of what it is and why I’m doing it.  I will no doubt be talking about it a lot over the next year.

I can say without hesitation that I have no idea where the money to do this is going to come from.  I have committed a set percentage of what I earn from my job to this, but that’s not likely to even come close to covering this amount.  I intend to do some projects for sale or auction; that should help a little.  I have started the fundraising page so that others can chip in, too.  But right now, $4500 seems like a huge amount of money.  I once heard Graham Cooke, a prophetic teacher I like to listen to, say that it’s silly to not attempt something because of money, because money is the easiest stuff in the world to get.  He was talking about ministry-related projects…God projects.  And I know he’s right.  God owns everything, and when you’re doing stuff for His kingdom, you have access to unlimited resources.  I guess I need some maturing to help me understand what “unlimited resources” really means.  My head knows, but my knees are  knocking.

God is a “more than you can ask or imagine” sort of person.  He is wildly creative and ridiculously generous.  I want to live as a reflection of that.  I want to think like Him.  And though it’s really important to me that this project accomplish the goal of funding a rescue mission, it’s also important to me that it trains me to operate in confidence in these kingdom principles.

I will be raising money for the next year.  If the goal amount is accomplished before the year is up, I’ll keep going.  We’ll fund another one!  Or we’ll fund some aftercare packages, or pay for some attorneys to prosecute offenders, or provide some education for those who are now freed.  We’ll keep providing as long as He keeps providing.

I really want my Jubilee year to mean something awesome for others.  I don’t mind that it’s people I won’t meet this side of heaven.  Justice is justice.  Mercy is mercy.  This is the way of the Kingdom.

By the way, there are loads of wonderful organizations doing anti-trafficking work out there, but if you’re not familiar with the International Justice Mission, you really should check them out.  What they are doing and the level on which they are doing it is awesome.  Maybe give them a “like” on Facebook, too.  And please…feel free to forward the Project Jubilee page to your friends and family.  If Jesus can feed thousands with a handful of fish and a few loaves of bread, then He can use our bits and pieces to restore dignity and freedom to the lives of people He loves.  But first we have to offer them.


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  1. January 20, 2012 8:01 am

    Recently, I too have become aware of the tragedy of human trafficking. Two weeks ago I heard Christine Cane speak at a Women’s Event at Destiny Worship Center. She is the founder of, an international organization against Human Trafficking. Also, there is a local community organization called ECHO Emerald Coast Human Trafficking Outreach that I just became involved with last week that did a training session and a hotel outreach last Friday and Saturday to make them aware of the sex and labor trafficking that is happening in locally, especially along the I-10 corridor. This organization includes people from churches, law enforcement, social services, hotels, etc. to attack the problem. There is another meeting next Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at DWC if you are interested in going.

    • January 20, 2012 8:08 am

      Thanks for letting me know about the meeting, Lisa. I am indeed aware of both groups, though I know less about the workings of ECHO than I do A21. There are a lot of great organizations out there, and I’m glad you’ve found two of them!

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