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To dream, perchance to sleep

January 28, 2012

Ever dream so hard at night that you’re worn out the next day?  That was last night for me.  I can’t recall what I dreamed, but I can recall being very active in my dream life.  Enough that I needed a nap this afternoon.

Of course, I think I need a nap no matter what my night sleep was like.  That’s just the way I roll.  Beauty sleep is good for…um…something.

So anyway, this afternoon I snuggled down to nap.  And once again I found myself dreaming.

First I dreamed that the youngest Sparkette cut my iPhone in half…with a butter knife.  Cut right through my pink otterbox case, even.  I picked up both halves and was flabbergasted and livid.  Seriously? She cut my phone in half with a butter knife?  Oh yeah…she sure did.  I had half in each hand.  Weird.

Then I dreamed I went to get a shellac manicure and after I left the salon I realized that the nail tech never cured the polish under the UV lamp (shellac manicures are a UV-hardened gel polish that lasts at least two weeks when done properly).  I remember looking down and my nail polish was peeling and smearing right off.  I was so bummed because I’d just wasted a Groupon on it, and now my nails were going to look bad for a trip I was about to take.

The latter dream was likely prompted because I’d just been looking at shellac colors online.  I’ve never had a shellac manicure before, but I do indeed have an appointment coming up, and though I’m not using a Groupon, I am using a similar deal to pay for it.  I’m also timing it so that I won’t have to mess with nail polish when I take a trip.  Almost every time I have nail polish with me on a flight, the bottle either breaks or works its way loose so that it leaks or spills.  Having your luggage reek of nail polish is NOT the way to be the most popular kid on the trip.  Nor does it make your toothbrush tasty.  Trust me on this one.  I’m experienced.

I have no explanation for the iPhone dream.

I believe that dreams often have meaning for our lives.  I believe that sometimes God gives them to us to tell us or show us something.  That’s pretty useful.  I also believe that sometimes our souls work things out through our dreams, revealing to us things we’d not considered in our conscious thoughts.  Also pretty useful.  And then there are the random neuron firings that tell wacko stories that we never really make sense of in our waking life.  Like the dream I had when I was a kid that I was at my grandpa’s house and I was chased by a box of Grapenuts.

Yes, I really had that dream.   I can still remember it.  When I eat Grapenuts, I always let them get soggy in milk and then I chew them with great gusto.  Just to be safe.  I’m pretty sure soggy, chewed-up Grapenuts wouldn’t be able to do much damage.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, tonight I’m bushed.  Mr. Sparky and I took the youngest Sparkette out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then to see a touring production of Damn Yankees.  I’m glad the play moved along well, because even though I was very interested I found I couldn’t let myself be complacent about paying attention or my eyes would start to glaze over.

I guess such things happen when you’re as busy at night as I’ve been.


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  1. January 30, 2012 8:18 am

    note to self: Reading Lisa’s blogs while drinking coffee may be hazardous to your heath.
    (I had a nice mouthful of coffee when I came upon the sentence about being chased by grapenuts………almost choked to death. (thank goodness my bladder was not full or …..)
    Thanks for the laughs!!

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