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All the cool kids have one

February 21, 2012

Over the years I’ve been invited to all sorts of “home parties”.  You know the kind…everyone sits around and listens to a presentation that is designed to make you think that you can’t live without a long list of products.  I was actually once a consultant for one of those companies, but only because I knew from attending the shows that the products were good and really sold themselves if you let the party guests gush on and on about their favorite items.  Which they always did.  I never had to be pushy, and I felt good about the quality of the kitchen tools the company sold.  It was a fun diversion until we moved and I struggled to get started again.  I never wanted my new friends to think I was only their friend so that they would host parties for me.  It felt better to just let that season of my life end and go back to occasionally attending shows instead of presenting them.

Tonight I attended a home show for Norwex, a company I had never heard of prior to my invitation.  This Norwegian company sells cleaning products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals or allergens.  I was pretty skeptical; I’ve heard a lot of outlandish claims about this sort of thing over the years, and I really didn’t expect this to be much different.  Plus, I’m not totally anti-chemical, because just about anything can be considered a chemical but we’ve developed a sort of green hysteria that believes that anything chemical is bad.  Shoot, the baking powder in your kitchen cabinet is a chemical.  Get a grip, folks.  That said, I’d be happy to keep my cleaning chemical arsenal to a minimum if possible.  That’s stuff nasty, and using baking soda or vinegar as cleaners rarely cuts it for me, even if they are “natural”.

But then I watched the consultant’s demonstration.   And I listened.  I found about 15% of it to be dismissible.  But the other 85%?  Wow.  Enough to make me sit up and pay attention.  And then I volunteered to remove my makeup with the special microfiber cloth and water.  Full makeup wiped right off with a damp cloth, including mascara.  My face felt clean but not dried or dulled.  She let me keep the cloth for trying it at the party (yay!) and I ordered a couple of different cleaning cloths to try out at the house.  These special cloths make it possible to clean a kitchen with just plain water, even if you messed with raw meat, even if you gooped up your counter with raw dough.  I figured that if this stuff was for real, the cost can easily be justified by the amount of money I won’t have to spend on cleaning products– including facial cleanser and makeup remover.  You can expect an update after I receive the products and have a chance to use them.  That way if you get invited to one of these Norwex shindigs, you’ll know whether to go get you some or just drive by and throw rotten tomatoes.

If it’s the latter, at least the hostess will have a way to clean up the mess.


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  1. February 23, 2012 11:04 am

    I was very skeptical, too, but that raw chicken demonstration was amazing. And the face cloth really has made a difference in my skin in just a few weeks. If I didn’t like my products, there’s no way I would have hosted a party at my house. I hope you like the stuff you got. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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