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When it just ain’t happening

March 5, 2012

Some nights I sit down and a post just flows out.  Sometimes that post isn’t about anything in particular, but nevertheless, it flows.

And then there are nights like these.

I’ve had a lot of nights like these lately.  Nights where I don’t really have anything to say– or at least, nothing I’d say here.  I sit and stare at my computer monitor, hoping some fascinating story will magically pop into my head and out my fingertips.  Because that sort of thing happens all the time, you know.

Ok, so it doesn’t happen all the time.  Or hardly ever.

Maybe tomorrow will give me a grand adventure to share with you.  Or maybe I’ll think of something ridiculous to relay to you, something to remind you why you keep having that sneaking suspicion that “that Sparky person ain’t quite right in the haid”.

Or maybe tomorrow a giant cake will fall from outer space and we’ll all be so busy trying to eat our way to daylight that nobody will even think to log on and see what sort of Sparky shenanigans can occur with a few tons of celestial confectionery.

And in that case, it will definitely be your loss.


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  1. March 6, 2012 10:54 am

    haha….even when you have nothing to say, you have a way of making it humorous! :)

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