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When God speaks in pie

March 12, 2012

I didn’t expect to take a six day hiatus from blogging, but all of a sudden life started bucking like a mad bronco and it took all I had just to hang on.  Every day I’d get to the end of it and find the hour horrendously late and my body totally worn out, and I knew that blogging would have to wait for another day.   My fingers were too tired to type.   Pretty pathetic, huh?

When life gets crazy I find I really have to look for the small graces.  It’s easy to miss them when I get so focused on getting through the day in one piece with my sanity reasonably intact.  But last week I was reminded that small graces are no less wonderful just because they are small.

On Thursday night the LSU Sparkette was driving in from Baton Rouge.  She had a hankerin’ for some Jim & Nick’s BBQ, but by the time she pulled in, they were going to be closed.  I had just gotten home from a crazy day and was about to climb into my pajamas when she called with a desperate plea for me to hit the drive-thru for her.  It was clear she wasn’t joking.  The girl needed some BBQ, and it was my Obi Wan Kenobi moment.

So off I went to the drive-thru.

I pulled up to the ordering board and perused it as I waited for someone to take my order.  The Sparkette had said she wanted a quarter chicken, mashed potatoes, and collard greens (GAK!).  I found them on the board, and then my eye fell on another little tidbit.  They were advertising chocolate icebox pie.   Gosh, I love a good chocolate pie.  And I wanted a piece of that pie in a bad way.  But I told myself that it probably wouldn’t taste as good as I hoped, and it wasn’t a good idea to have that sugar.  Though I occasionally have a little bit of something sweet, I have remained low-to-no sugar in my food choices since early November, and it’s obvious that it’s good for me.  So I ordered the Sparkette’s dinner and pulled forward.

I reached the window and the girl there immediately handed me a brown bag, which I figured were Sparkette’s nasty collard greens.

“Here’s a free piece of chocolate pie for you.”

I don’t think I squealed in my outside voice, but I definitely squealed in my inner voice.  Chocolate pie!  I thanked her profusely and waited for Sparkette’s dinner.  As I pulled away I began the inner debate.  I mean– it was Sparkette who was having dinner, not me.  I should just give the pie to her.  But maybe I could eat half of it and give her the other half?  We could share it.  But no…I don’t eat sugar like that anymore, so I should just give it to her.  But dang it…I really like chocolate pie.

I took the food home and Sparkette arrived soon afterwards.  She was thrilled with her BBQ.  I told her about the free pie and she immediately said she wouldn’t eat it because she’s doing a special 90 day diet.  The only other person home was the youngest Sparkette who doesn’t really like most chocolate.  So…the pie was mine.


I opened up the container and poised my fork over that piece of pie.  I reminded myself that eating bad chocolate pie was a waste of time and good nutrition, and that a pie isn’t really tasty just because it’s a pie.  I reminded myself that I don’t like most whipped toppings, and that canned chocolate pudding usually tastes more like sugar and chemicals than it does sweet, creamy chocolate.  Plus it has that weird texture.  Then I plunged my fork into the tip of the pie and took a bite.

It is entirely possible that my eyes rolled back in my head.  That wasn’t whipped topping; it was real whipped cream.  That wasn’t canned pudding;  it was real chocolate pie filling.  It was all cool and creamy and sweet enough to be dessert but not so sweet that it was cloying.  It was delicious.  Easily the best chocolate pie I’d had in many years.

I sat there and enjoyed every last bite.  And I couldn’t help but think how very GOD this was.  When God gives a treat, He gives a really good treat.  My treat was something I wanted.  My treat came at no cost to myself.  And best of all, it was totally amazing.  I couldn’t think of one single “well, if only it had _____”  It was a perfect treat for that moment.  It was grace.

I often need those reminders that He’s paying that close attention.  My head knows it, but there’s nothing like a little demonstration to send a much-needed message to my heart.

That was four days ago.  Life didn’t suddenly get easier or less pressured after that.  After all, I’m just now finding time to tell this story.  But four days later, I haven’t forgotten how little graces can make a big impact when you’re tired, harried, under-slept, and wondering when you’re going to find time to do your laundry without staying up to midnight.

I love that things like this matter to Him.

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  1. March 12, 2012 11:41 pm

    And it wasn’t even Pi day yet!

  2. Joanne Hines permalink
    August 29, 2012 11:50 am

    Great reminder that God is with us all the time,even in the smallest moments of joy or sadness.We matter to God!

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