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Call me nuts, but…

March 27, 2012

I’m typing gingerly, trying to avoid dorking up my fresh nail polish.  I dug out a bottle that I’ve literally not used in years, forgetting that it’s a bit slower to set than most of OPI’s other colors.  Even with my power topcoat of Seche Vite, it can still ding.

Earlier this evening I potted three herbs into a window box container. I don’t actually keep the window box in my window, but it sounds dumb to call it a deck box, plus then I start humming inappropriate songs about boxes and their contents, and it’s all downhill from there.

Anyway, I put in the WINDOW box some flat-leaf parsley, some German thyme, and…ugh…cilantro.  (insert melodramatic gagging and throat clutching here) I suspect that if there were a way to figure out what I’ve ranted about the most on this blog, my hatred of cilantro, aka soap weed, would top the list.  But Mr. Sparky likes the stuff.  It turns out that there is a sharp division along gender lines in our family when it comes to cilantro.  Mr. Sparky and the Jr. Spark like it.  All three of the Sparkettes and I do not.  And we all think it tastes like soap.

Mr. Sparky will get that plant all to himself.

The last time I planted parsley was two years ago when some caterpillars munched it down to nubbins and then spun some cocoons.  Nice.  I don’t know what type of caterpillars they were but if that happens again, parsley will be relegated to indoor windowsills exclusively, where the pests are much bigger but easier to control with a squirt bottle.

I am ready to start considering what tomato varieties to plant.  I’m planning one for slicing, one grape or cherry, and one for the experimental Topsy Turvy (probably also a slicer).  These will also be planted in containers over which I’ve prayed fervent anti-squirrel prayers.

There is just something about being beaten by a squirrel that really galls me.

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  1. lanavaughan permalink
    March 28, 2012 9:51 am

    I did great with my Topsy Turvey tomato until it grew down into Chucklehead range.

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