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April 1, 2012

It is after midnight, and though according to Eric Clapton that means we’re gonna let it all hang down, all I really mean by it is that I was too busy to write a post before the clock rolled over and we got not only a new day, but a new week and a brand spankin’ new month.

It is April Fool’s Day.

I don’t bother with it much at this point in life.  I guess I engage in too much foolishness year ’round to get too worked up about one day.  But when I was a kid it was the best thing ever.  My day would start far too early with my dad coming into my room, excitedly insisting that it snowed last night and that I get up and take a look out the window to see.  The day of tricks and pranks had begun.

I think my personal favorite prank was one I pulled in college.  A group of my friends all rented a house divided into a duplex.  Girls on one side, guys on the other.  I didn’t often go over to the guys’ side, but that afternoon I did for some reason.  When nobody was looking I slipped a rubber band over the sprayer hose at the kitchen sink so that the handle was constantly depressed.  Before long, a guy came into the kitchen and turned on the faucet and got a shower.  He thought it was the best joke ever– so much that he decided to leave the rubber band in place so that the next guy would get sprayed too.  Except…he was the next guy.  And the guy after that.  He kept forgetting about the rubber band!  I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried.

I don’t have plans for pranking today.  Unless I get inspired, I will let my people proceed about their day unmolested by practical jokes and tricksy moves on my part.

But who knows… I might just get inspired.

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  1. April 1, 2012 1:05 am

    One year our youth group was on a mission trip to Mexico over the April 1st weekend. While they were away our singles ministry painted the outside of the house of the church secretary who had gone with them as a chaperon. They had car trouble on the way back and she didn’t get home until 4 in the morning. She told us she though she was so tired she had pulled into the wrong driveway.

    The ugly 70s dark green house with peeling paint she had left was now a light blue with dark trim and black wrought iron. The yard work had all been done and the trees trimmed.

    It was about a month before she found out that her garage which had been painted green on 3 sides and yellow on the back was now painted yellow on the back, green on the side facing the fence and blue on the front and side facing the yard. We ran out of paint. :)

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