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Culling the herd

April 11, 2012

Today I was hit again with that restless sense of “I need to do something”.  So I did.  I went back to my bookshelf and began eyeballing the books on it.  Some of them I shoved on that shelf ten years ago and haven’t touched since.  What good is a book you can live without for ten years?  For that matter, what good are books you didn’t know you had and can’t remember reading?  Surely I can dust something more relevant than books I don’t love. So…

Nineteen.  That is how many books I pulled off of two shelves.  There were a few more I considered but left alone for now.  I may yet go back and remove them.

So.  Let’s say you’re a book in the Best Read In The Universe pageant.  What might cost you your crown and get you jettisoned from my shelf?

-I thought you were good the first time but can’t see myself ever re-reading you.

-I can’t remember what you’re about and I find I really don’t care.

-You may have once been quite the groovy cat, but you’re dated now.  Like, totally yesterday.

-I never really liked you much to begin with.

-I outgrew you.

-I already have twinsies of you and one is enough.

-You smell weird and your mama dresses you funny.

Now I have this pile of books that will need a new home.  Goodwill?  Giveaway?  Trash?  Probably some of all three.

I probably ought to go poke around my closet next…



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  1. April 12, 2012 12:03 am

    I’m adding….”The book mark is in the first third of the book and I have no idea what it’s about”.

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