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Where in the world is Sparky?

April 28, 2012

I know, I know…it’s been quiet in Sparky Land.  I knew it might happen, but I thought perhaps a miracle would occur and I’d be able to keep blogging.  But now here it is, five days after my last post, and I’m behind on blogging.  And email.  And Facebook.  And sleep.  Lawsy, am I ever behind on sleep.

Amazingly, I am not behind on caloric intake.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m winning in that category.  In a rather Charlie Sheen-ish sort of way.

So it went like this…

A bit over a month ago Debbie from The Suburban Settler and Ten Years In One told me she was looking forward to meeting me at a gathering of mutual friends in August.  I had to confess to her that it’s highly unlikely I’ll be attending that gathering, so maybe she should just come visit me.  Within a day she had a plane ticket.  When Joann from God, Family, Country, Love and Laurie from Watcha Thinkin’? heard she was coming, I told them they could just pack up and come too, if they wanted.  They both immediately said that they couldn’t get away from the kids, their husbands were busy, they didn’t think they could manage it, but wouldn’t it be nice…?.  And within a day, they were coming.  Vicky from Upon My Word lives only lives a couple of streets over from me, so I invited her to drop in whenever she was available.  Which she did, as well as join us for lunch on her lunch hour from work.

There was a lot of laughing, some crying, some relaxing, some praying, some eating.  We burned through a lot of coffee and tea lights and wine.  We put our toes in the whites sands of the gulf on several occasions.  We talked about what God is doing.  We laughed at Jake the Jerk-Face Dog as he protected us from marauding giraffes.  We petted Agent Mooshie and Dr. Love the Freak Cat.  We shared life.  It was a good time.

I am grateful that they were the sort of people who knew how to make themselves at home instead of waiting on me to be a good hostess.  I want to be a good hostess, but I’m lousy at remembering to do things like offer drinks and get out the silver tea service.  Then again, I don’t have a silver tea service, so that might be why I’m always forgetting it.

My living room is quiet tonight.  No laughing.  No flickering candles.  No pondering life, the universe and everything.  Just me tip-tapping on the computer keyboard.  It’s a bit sad, but it’s also very nice because the echos are still so alive in here.

Something tells me that we’ll all have the sense to go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.  Except maybe Joann, who is still traveling back to California.  I’d stay up in solidarity with my dear sister, but…um…I have to make sure my pillow is properly broken in because it’s not gotten much use this past week.  Yeah…that’s the ticket.  Good stewardship of my pillow.

These things are important, you know.


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